By Gauteng City College

Gauteng City College (GCC) is a registered Private FET College with the Department of Higher Education and Training and has been in operation since 2012 and has multiple fully operational sites of delivery across South Africa. GCC has established itself as a private education provider that produces excellent results through current, relevant and innovative teaching and learning models.

Leading the team together with the Owner and Founder of GCC, Roick Chikati, is the Director and Chief Operations Officer, Miss Thireshni Naidoo, with a staff complement of over 300. She is a visionary and strategic leader skilled at advancing organisation transformation through skills development initiatives.

A highly energetic and creative individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong business acumen, Miss Thireshni Naidoo shares that implementing gender-driven development in the workplace has strengthened the institution to magnificent heights.

“Strategic objectives became cultural and operational goals that were implemented, monitored and maintained by our employment equity committee. Along with regular non-pivotal training that focused on gender-mainstreaming, GBV, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Where possible, we actively seek partnerships and projects aimed at developing and growing women in underrepresented spaces,” she says.

Thireshni adds that increased levels of emotional intelligence and employment equity have allowed them to work towards becoming a workplace of choice rather than just a workplace. “Women mentoring unemployed female youth has also led to greater workplace collaboration in terms of performance as well as a development of a youth-based talent pool.”

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